Easter EARS

Arrangements for EARS Launch 4th April and 5th April 2021

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

COVID Secure measures

  • Social distancing must be maintained. Remain in your bubble. Follow the instructions of EARS marshals for parking arrangements.
  • Following current BMFA guidelines for events, no spectators will be allowed – rocket fliers only.
  • Track and trace will be implemented.
  • Remain socially distanced and do not crowd the range head.
  • Use the hand sanitizer when handling launch equipment.
  • Please note that although this is a two day event, no camping is allowed on site.

Launching Rockets

  • Weather permitting, flying will commence at 10.30. There is a NOTAM in place to 7000’ on both days.
  • Flight cards are available in pdf for those able to complete before the weekend.


Without revenue from membership fees, the club cannot function. The Committee has therefore determined:

  • You must be a paid up annual member of EARS, or be a full member of another recognised rocketry club (e.g. Midland Rocketry Club / Scottish Aeronautics and Rocketry Association / Fins Over Gwent etc) to be able to fly.
  • The Committee has determined that due to the lockdown interruption / late start, EARS annual membership will run from April 2021 – April 2022.
  • Please use the Online Membership Form to join.

Day Flying

In line with other clubs, the one-off ‘taster’ introductory day membership and BMFA cover can only be used once by new fliers.
  • Regular EARS fliers who have used club facilities before are required to pay the appropriate year membership (April 2021 – April 2022). Members of other recognised UKRA / BMFA affiliated clubs are eligible for day flying fee, but may be asked to prove they hold annual membership.
John Timberlake
John Timberlake

Fascinated by aerial views of the landscape, John and his son began flying rockets together in 2014. John is a UKRA Range Safety Officer and holds UKRA Level 2 High Power certification.