Latest Fees

Membership includes ears flying fees but does not include BMFA flying insurance unless specified otherwise All Fliers must have a current BMFA Flying Insurance Policy BMFA Flying Insurance is available through ears on the day ANNUAL ears MEMBERSHIP DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BIG ears EVENT

Annual Membership Fees

Membership TypeFee (£)
Junior (under 18)20.00
Family (2 or more family members)60.00

A discount on Annual ears Membership of £10 is available to Full Time Students aged 18-25 upon proof of current full time student enrolment

Visitor Flying Fees

In line with other clubs, the one-off ‘taster’ introductory day membership and BMFA cover can only be used once by new fliers.

Members of other recognised UKRA / BMFA affiliated clubs are eligible for day flying fee, but may be asked to prove they hold annual membership with the affiliated club.

TypeOne Day FlyingOne Day Flying with 30-Day BMFA Flying Insurance
Junior (under 18)5.0010.00



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Partner (if applicable)

Child 1 (if applicable)

Child 2 (if applicable)


As the sole or lead member, by submitting this form I confirm that I and any family members hereto agree to abide by the East Anglian Rocketry Society Disclaimer and Do’s and Don’ts

I also confirm that any hazardous materials in my or my family’s possession at site will be possessed legally, used responsibly and when not being used, shall be kept securely locked to prevent theft.

I will ensure that any visitors I bring or introduce to EARS are aware of EARS rules and regulations.


Please use the Scan & Pay code here with your PayPal app or directly to EARS PayPal qr code