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Due to COVID-19 restrictions all launch activity is on hold

September 2021 - Summer Returns

After what seemed like a cold and wet summer, things definitely took a turn for the (much) better for our Sunday launch. Clear sky, little to no wind and recently harvested fields made for a perfect day of rocket flying!

Bigears 2021

Big EARS is **finally** here! Set over 26th - 27th June with camping and a night flight on Saturday.

June 2021 - A Day in the Sun

A great day for flying and sunshine. (more details to follow) We did have an F altitude Record attempt from the rocketeers of a project branch of the Southampton University Spaceflight Society (SUSF).

May 2021 "little" EARS

We had a great day of flying on Sunday and a couple of good hours on Monday until the winds became to strong. Impulse Flights E 6 G 5 H 5 I 1 J 1 We did see a 38/29 motor adapter failure where the motor casing flew through the rocket and painted some sky spirals.

Return to Launch April 2021

A very successful 2 day event welcoming rocketeers back to launching are a long break

AGM 2021

Monthly Launch October 2020

Monthly scheduled launch