We currently hold flying days on the first Sunday of the month from January to December, they generally start at around 10am and carry on until it gets either too dark, or too cold. Everyone is welcome to come along and fly with us, it doesn’t matter what type of rocket you fly as we’ve had all sorts of different shapes and sizes with motors from ¬ľA to M impulse flown from the site.

The latest information is available in the Events section.

Spectators are always welcome but please do take note of the information in our Disclaimer and Do’s and Don’ts. Also we do appreciate you letting us know if you are coming via the contact form here.

  • Rogues Lane, Elsworth, Cambridge, CB23 4HZ
  • get onto the A14, the M6 and the M1 both join the A14 at it’s start, so if you can get to one of those then you’re sorted. Once onto the A14 follow the directions below: Stay on the A14 until you reach Huntingdon where you will find yourself at a big roundabout. Turn right
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